Books & Anthologies

Pilgrim (2021)
The Emma Press
Available at The Emma Press (UK) | Kinokuniya (SG) | Blackwell’s (worldwide)

New Singapore Poetries (2022)
Gaudy Boy, Eds. Marylyn Tan and Jee Leong Koh
Available in bookstores (S.E. Asia) | Bookshop and Amazon (US)

My Lot is a Sky: An Anthology of Poems by Asian Women (2018)
Math Paper Press, Eds. Melissa Powers and Rena Minegishi
Available at BooksActually

Short Fiction


Dream of the Ploughed Field (Sine Theta Magazine, 2022)

Chrita Penanggalan (Augur, 2021)

Surat Dari Hantu (Strange Horizons, 2021)


Three Poems: ‘Mangosteen Season’, ‘John at the end of his days’, ‘Three Stars’
(Bad Lilies, 2022)

‘Weaver Girl Dream’ (Uncanny Magazine, 2022) | (Podcast version)

‘Paladin’ (Fantasy Magazine, 2021)

Two Poems: ‘Pilgrim’, ‘List of Things Beyond My Bedroom Curtains’
(reproduced in Creative Writing at Leicester, 2021)

‘Beneath the Eyelids of Morning’ (Crab Creek Review Volume XXXI, Number 1, 2018)


Praise for New Singapore Poetries

‘Surat Dari Hantu’ appears in this essay by Wen-yi Lee, Tor.com, June 2022

Writing poems in my year of silence, The Emma Press blog, December 2021

Pilgrim book launch, November 2021

Winners announcement, 2020 Dream Foundry short story contest

‘Acropolis at Mid-Season’ appears in this essay by Ivan Sim (Unseen the Magazine, March 2017)

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